Monday, January 12, 2009

The Curse of the Brown Thumb

It's this time of year again:

The time of year that I thumb through seed catalogs and consider a garden.

I have a lot of domestic skills, but gardening is not one of them. I kill plants... even houseplants.
I don't know why or how, but I just don't have the knack for it. I either over water or under water and I definitely don't know the difference between shade/partial shade/medium light/ yada yada yada.

We have a little area for a kitchen garden in our back yard. The first year I planted a small variety of veggies. The only thing that went well were the beans. The tomatoes took over the whole garden. I swear those things were 6+ feet tall. They crowded out the pepper, cucumbers and anything else I had planted. The next year I didn't plant anything, but all the fallen tomatoes from the year before spouted a new forest of tomatoes.

And that's it. I haven't tried since. I do herbs in pots each year, but even those are usually dead by the end of the season.

I had good intentions last year and even ordered some seeds. I read the Square Foot Gardening book and everything. I got my compost pile going. Never planted the garden though.

I'd really love an abundance of fresh produce from my own organic garden, but it's a lot of work and I'm afraid I'll just kill everything somehow. I think I should give it one more go. I bet W would have fun digging in the dirt with me either way.


  1. Some things are a lot easier to grow than others and require virtually no care. Try zucchini, beets, basil, parsley...they are all pretty hardy.

  2. I used to think I could grow things but I'm accepting that I can't. Herbs are the one thing I struggle to grow each year because I love them so much (and they are so expensive in the store). I usually manage to keep them alive long enough to enjoy them a few times before they wither and die. Although I hear that it might not have been my fault this year. They tell me it is too hot in TN to grow them in pots as I normally do. I had 1 houseplant and I kept it alive for almost 5 years but when we moved to the house in TN my hubby put it on the porch and it froze. My hands are full with kids and a dog so I give up on the plants for now.


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