Friday, January 2, 2009

Juicing, Smoothies and Avoiding McMuffins

Why is it that the things that are healthy and good for you take discipline and effort even if they are easy? Yet all those self-destructive habits come so naturally. I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

I confess that most fast food is a constant temptation to me. If I don't have a plan with food, I am screwed. If I'm depressed and I don't have a plan, forget about it. I can, and have, sustained myself solely on coffee and cookies with some McD's thrown for good measure. I am pretty sure that I am the only person who watched Super Size Me and wanted a big mac afterwards.
Overall my habits have improved over the years. Still, it is easy to fall back into old, unhealthy habits when times get rough. Not to mention that all those passes through the drive thru are not so great on the budget either.

My point?

The juicer is back in rotation. I've done both juicing and green smoothies and like them both for different reasons. Recently we've been on a smoothie kick and I'm feeling the need to switch things up again. My mom got me a super Champion juicer for my bday last summer and I'm ready to put it to some serious work.

The current plan is to alternate between juice a few days a week and green smoothies the days I can get the fresh greens. To get the most benefit from these easy-to-digest super drinks, you are supposed to drink them on an empty stomach. So morning is convenient for us. I'll be trying to eat lots of raw and high quality foods the rest of the day. If I can swing it, I'd like to do an occasional "juice fast" day here or there.

So with this new plan, I am going to see how long I can last without hitting the drive thru for food.

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  1. Good for you!

    Cheers for fresh green juices (I like to call them Plant Blood - haha) and green smoothies!

    Cheers to your health and Happy New Year,


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