Thursday, January 8, 2009


I think recipe is going to save me from my sweets cravings.

Raw Fudgie Brownies

1 cup walnuts

1 cup dates, pitted (about 8 big dates)

1/4 cocoa powder

Process in the food processor until well blended. Press into a small (8x8) pan and pop in the freezer until they are firm enough to cut. OR you can roll the dough into "truffles." Store in a zip lock in the freezer. (I rolled mine into balls.)

Obviously, for this to be "raw" you need to use the raw versions of the ingredients.

I added about a Tbs of this raw chocolate sauce I love just to make it a little sticker, but it probably wasn't necessary. A word to the wise, dates (not unlike prunes and other dried fruits) do have a laxative effect. So don't go and eat the whole batch at once, k?

Sorry no pic, but they are brown and rich looking. ;)

ETA: shell, they are dried dates and I got them at the produce market. I'm guessing most grocery stores have them either with the rainsins or the bulk foods.


  1. Hmmm that sounds pretty good. Is it hard to find the fresh dates? I may have to try it. Yummmmm

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Have to try!


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