Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Spend Month

I'm a little late to the party, but had to wait until April to give this a go.

I am deeming April a "No-Spend" Month. I am thinking of it as a way to troubleshoot our budget and maybe save a few pennies in the meantime. I really need to get our garden set up this week which is going to cost a bit. So I'll officially be starting after the week is over. (I had intentions of doing it last month, but ran out of time.)

When I say "No-Spend" I don't literally mean spending nothing. But I do mean no spending outside of our daily living expenses. I will do my best to stick to this but I'm guessing there will be some challenges I have not predicted. I know that I have been on the look out for a used pack-n-play so if I stumble across one I'm not sure yet what I'll do.

April Spending Plan:

$80/week for groceries, toiletries, etc.

Normal utility payments

Gas for cars

I got the idea from Amy, who did this in February. I think Oprah mentioned something similar on a recent "budget" show too.

ETA: My pal Dirkey is doing her version of this too. You know we have to do everything together. :)


  1. ha ha you've seen my freezer and my pantry. I probably could go a few months. This didn't show up in my feed reader, wonder why?

  2. Hey lady, you've seen my pantry and freezer. I don't think it will be too much of a stretch for us to do one month without grocery shopping. We could probably do 2-3 :)

  3. That's because I always write drafts before I publish and if I don't change the date before I publish it keeps the draft time stamp.

    And yes, you have a massive stock pile of food. I'm sure you will be eating well!


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