Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baby Shopping

I'm unsure as to when I should actually start getting stuff together for this kiddo. I guess a part of me is just not convinced this baby is coming for sure. We've talked about names a lot, but are no closer to agreeing on one. I've put in a diaper order with my friend Deb, but that was mostly because I didn't know her timeline. Heck we haven't even decided where and with whom I'm going to deliver this kiddo.

In the meantime I started a wishlist of stuff I'd like to get for the new babe. Only a few things are really necessities I suppose. So we shall see what I actually acquire by September. I like using Kaboodle because I can add stuff from anywhere on-line and if someone gifts me something they can mark it off on the main list.

You can click through to see the whole list.

(No kickbacks from Kaboodle. I just though they offered a cool service.)


  1. Fun stuff! It's so funny to me how much my "wish" list has changed for this baby from when I was prego with Evie. I wish I knew THEN what I know now... are you finding that, too?

    As far as not being "convinced" that the baby is coming, I sort of know what you mean... I think, obviously, all the heartache from your past makes it harder to seem certain of anything, but I also think maybe it is a second kid thing, too? Everybody keeps asking me if I am getting excited/getting prepared, and I'm just like-- Oh, yeah... I'm pregnant. ;)

    On an aside, I saw that your wish list included 7th generation wipes... have you ever tried using cloth wipes, or do you prefer the disposable?

  2. Oh, and PS-- I'm reading the book you recommended ("Grace-Based Parenting")-- I love it! Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. So true about the list for baby 2, Melody!

    Part of the reason being I have stuff left over from the first kid, but the main reason is because I realize how little "stuff" I actually need. When you are breastfeeding and carrying a babe in a carrier most of the day you need little else.

    Oh and I used cloth wipes for most of W's first year. I still have a good stash. But we did get into using 'sposie wipes more and more. They are pretty convient to grab and go especially for going out. I'm going to try and use mostly cloth wipes again though. Much cheaper.

  4. I guess I missed a huge announcement! Congrats girl. How far along are you? Do you know if it's a boy or girl yet?



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