Wednesday, April 15, 2009


In case you haven't heard, saving money is a big topic of interest these days. I subscribe to a few money saving blogs and couponing has been a hot topic. Coupon Mom was even on Oprah a few weeks ago.

Last week I listened to an interesting podcast on The Motherload all about couponing. It has inspired me to up my efforts!

CVSing is what got me back into coupons. (That would be shopping at CVS combining coupons and the Extra Care program to get stuff for free, cheap or even earning extra bucks on a purchase.) Money Saving Mom lists the good CVS deals each week and links to printable coupons if applicable.

We try to eat a good percentage of organic and whole foods. So I originally thought that couponing was not for our family. However, CVS has started carrying some more natural products and homeopathic remedies which I find appealing. I still don't take advantage of a lot of the deals, but if I can get toothpaste or deodorant for free I'll donate it.

If you visit manufacturer's sites you can often get printable coupons or join mailing lists. This has helped me find coupons on organic products. I've also noticed that there are organic/natural coupon flyers in the stores around this time of year. (Earth Day is coming up.)

I had wanted to try, but have heard mixed reviews. They do offer an $1 trial, but since it's a paid service I will probably stick to all the free info out there. The basic principle is matching up manufacturers coupons + store coupons + sales + rebates to pay as little as possible. There are often opportunities to get free products or even make a few cents back.

Other resources I've found helpful:

And some printable organic coupons:

Anyone else have some links or tips to share?

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  1. I like to add It is also a great site for finding coupon codes.


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