Saturday, April 18, 2009

Kids Safe Chemical Act

I just watched a very interesting video on Green Mom Finds. (It's about 22 minutes long.) The video focuses on a study done on newborns to test the levels of industrial chemicals in their cord blood. The results are pretty shocking.

I was amazed that the current law regulating toxic chemicals was passed in 1976 and has not been changed since! Not to mention 20,000 new chemicals have come on the market since that date.

We all know that there has been a rise in autism in recent years. Cancer, certain birth defects and infertility are also on the rise. It makes you think.

Watch the video and sign the petition on


  1. Thats why I stopped cleaning. Hehe!! Only kidding!!!!

  2. PS thought I will say I stopped using most chemical cleaners when I got preg w/ W. Couldn't handle the fumes and figured they probably weren't all that great for us anyway.

  3. I absolutely feel that there's a link to environmental toxins and the upswing in autism, cancers and other health issues. It infuriates me that the EPA and the FDA refuse to admit there's a likely correlation.

    Thank you for watching the video and spreading the word on the critical issue!


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