Monday, April 20, 2009

Linky Love

I keep bookmarking all these great posts and I thought I'd share!

Can you tell I've been craving carbs?
These Applesauce Muffins on Little House look yummy and I loved this Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll tutorial from Everyday Food Storage.

20 Household Uses for Vinegar
Awesome list on Simple, Green, Frugal. Did you know that vinegar kills 99% of bacteria? And it's (obviously) non-toxic! I keep a spray bottle filled with 50/50 filtered water/distilled white vinegar and some lavender essential oils. It's a great all-purpose spray and is safe enough I can let W use it.

The Importance of Family Rituals
A lovely post on Simple Mom. I like to think it's the little day to day things we do with our family that will be remembered over time.

FREE Download: Days of the Week Hanger Tags
A cute way to organize your kiddo's outfits and to teach older kids how to plan for the week.


  1. I like all the vinegar tips you linked to...very helpful!


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