Monday, May 18, 2009

I guess I better get off the computer...

Here's my planned summer reading list:

I just picked this up at the Church library yesterday and I'm loving it! It speaks to right where I am in life at this moment.

I've been re-reading this one. The chapters correspond to the months of pregnancy. It's hands down my fav pregnancy book.

(Doula Dirkey, I need to borrow this.)

I've started this one but need to pick it up again.

Another book I only got a couple chapters in, even though I loved what I read so far.

I keep starting books and then getting distracted and never finishing them. I actually have a much bigger stack of "to read" but I figured I should just focus on these for now. I want to start the Twilight series, but I know how I am. I will love it. I will get obsessed. And will spend hours and hours reading on end while everything else falls to wayside. (I'm one of those weird adult Harry Potter fans so I know of what I speak.) Maybe I'll start that as a "beach only" read this summer.

Anyone else have some summer reading planned?

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