Thursday, May 28, 2009

the LIST

pregnancy calendar

Here's the stuff I'm trying to make/do before EDD. (That's less than 4 months people!)
Maybe if I write a list I'll actually do it? Hmmm

*Clean out baby's room... aka project of the year.... I have made some significant progress believe it or not.

*Baby knitting...

2-3 sleep sacks (2 down)

2-3 soakers/diaper covers (2 down)

2-3 pants/longies (2 down)

Maybe some booties and hats if I get to it

*Unpack W's baby's clothes and sort out any gender neutral newborn stuff.

*Take down the baby equipment and clean it up... crib, bedding, cosleeper, swing, carseat, etc.

*Sewing... I have a list of tutorials but I'm sure not all of these will happen. I need to whip some of these into gifts too.

Burp Cloths

"Swaddle Sheet" Blanket

Boppy Slipcover (someone want to make me one or two of these? hint hint)

Easy Hooded Bath Towel -I think W needs a new one too

*Big-Brother Basket

I'd like to get a basket of projects, toys, activities, etc together for W-man. I think it would be a good idea to have a plan for nursing sessions, diaper changes and times I can't give him my full attention. Any suggestions? I have a couple big-brother books picked out that I need to order.

*Then there's all the birth prep stuff... but that's a whole other list unto itself.


  1. I know I am flawed, but this is how I went about it.
    My kids are 20 months apart. During my second pregnancy I would tell my daughter all about the baby, his growth, I let her accompany me to 1 of the appointments to hear the heartbeat. We prayed for him, sang to him. I explained how things were going to be different when the baby came, but that she was my most favorite Amelia in the whole world and nothing could ever change that. I told her how important it was that the baby always felt loved, just like she always made mommy feel loved. I let her know that it was important to be the bestest big sister ever.

    When my son came, I let my daughter see me do everything with him and 'help'. Around her, I didn't cover up during nursing. If she wanted to see, I let her. I would encourage her to talk to her brother, we would pray for him while he was nursing, I would let her help burp him. She loved to run to hand me the diaper and wipes so we could change. Around 4 months, I would let her feed him expressed milk from a bottle. I explained everything and the importance to her. She turned out to be a great and loving big sister... I guess I kind of made her feel like I needed her help.....

    He's 2 now. She still likes to help take care of him. Making sure it shirt is clean. His socks match. His teeth are brushed.

    I don't know if this was the advice you were seeking, but it worked for me and my family. Of course, my daughter did have an activity center (play-doh, crayons, leggos) and there were plenty of times that I had to walk around the house while nursing.

  2. I think the basket for W is a great idea... and it sounds like you're well on your way to being ready for baby. :)

    I wanted to ask you-- I saw you mentioned getting your co-sleeper out of the attic. Is that an Arm's Reach, or something else? My mom was going to buy us one for the new babe, but I have read completely mixed reviews on them. Some people say they are a lifesaver, some people say they are a PITA... Thoughts? Mini vs. full-size?

    Oh, and I meant to reply on your other post about just feeling grouchy-ish during this pregnancy. I can totally relate; just yesterday, I stopped to pay attention to the way I was speaking to Evie and I was appalled by the shortness in my tone. I'm tired, ache-ey and yucky, too... so, if there's any comfort in knowing that you're not the only one, there it is!! I pray for much grace for you in the coming months!!

  3. that boppy slipcover tuturial is great! when my son was born last year, i made one for myself then another for a friend who had just had a baby. it was the first thing i had ever sewn (since home ec in middle school!).

    also, to melody, we used an arm's reach co-sleeper for our son and LOVED it. much better than a bassinet b/c it's so easy to get the baby in and out when you're exhausted and confused in the middle of the night. we actually used it until he was 9 or 10 months old, because he did not start to pull up or crawl until then. too bad we borrowed it from a friend who is having a baby at the same time that i'm due now, so we can't borrow it again! =(


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