Wednesday, May 27, 2009

oh happy day!

I just found out I won a Flip Camera from Parent Blogger's Network! Sweet!!!
I have participated in a lot of their "blog blasts" but this is the first time my name was drawn. (This was from the potty training post I wrote.)

I also won a cloth wipes warmer from The Green Mom Review. How neat is that? I actually put that warmer on my baby wish list after I read about it on their site.

I am always entering drawings and giveaways when I can. It seems like you never win, but then every once in awhile it actually pays off. Fun stuff.

Speaking of, I think I need to get another giveaway going on this blog soon.


  1. Yay for free goodies! It does feel good when you win ;o)

  2. Congratulations!! You totally deserve it. My little girl is 19 months and beyond telling us that she is 'yucky' after the fact and refusing to sleep if the diaper is dirty (we cloth diaper too) we are not even close to toilet training. I figure she'll be trained when she's ready...

  3. What great prizes! Now there's a little bright spot in your week, eh?


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