Friday, May 15, 2009

Picture Randomness

I read somewhere in the blog-o-sphere about filling up a sand/water table with bubbles/plain water instead. Genius! And much less messy than the sand+water combo. Doesn't the kiddo look happy?

Ok so he did flip the entire thing over after about 15 minutes, but that's just my kid.

I got some knitting mojo back and made these little booties a couple weeks ago. Aren't they cute? This is my first attempt at color work. (fair isle actually, meaning changing colors within the rows) I thought they would be gender neutral, but are looking very "boy" to me. Oh well I guess I need to make a girl pair too. :) The yarn is Peace Fleece and the pattern is from them as well.

Then last weekend I made these darlings with some handdyed yarn of unknown origin. I will be gifting these I think.


  1. Those look fabulous! You are so talented.

  2. I don't think they look boyish at all! They are super cute!

  3. So should totally try to sell some things on Etsy sometime.

    I love the bubble idea in the water table. I may try that this week!!


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