Friday, May 22, 2009

Potty Mouth

No, I'm not talking about my little one swearing. That's another post.

The Parent Blogger's Network and Pull-Ups Potty Project wants to hear our potty training tales. And boy, have I got a long tale to tell.

Phase 1: Attempted "Elimination Communication"

I apparently missed the window of opportunity on this one, but I had heard of some late start ECers having success. So around W's first birthday I started with some EC methods. I read Diaper Free Baby, Early Start Potty Training and Diaper Free! We worked on the "communication" part, though I admit we never really got to the point where HE was communicating anything intentionally. I could read his cues pretty well though and we got to the point where we were catching most #2's and a couple #1's a day by 18 months. Which meant less dirty diapers to change so I was happy.

Phase 2: Frustration Sets In

Despite some success there in the beginning we have not moved very far since. I thought that by 2 yo or at the most 2 and a half he might take some more initiative. But no such luck. We kept "catching" on the potty but only if I took him when I thought he had to go. It was getting old, but so was changing diapers so I kept with it. (I have since learned that EC is not really a method of early potty learning and that you shouldn't expect a child to be indpendent any sooner with this method than any other. Though many moms swear that they do.)

Phase 3: Traditional Potty Training

At about 2.5yo, after all of the 2yo girls at church were COMPLETELY trained, I figured I'd start trying some more traditional methods to motivate him. I tried to get him excited about new "big boy pants" and introduced a sticker chart. Treats were sometimes used as bribes to get him to sit longer on the potty. We watched Elmo's Potty Time DVD. We even had a "potty party" to try and make it more positive and exciting. Despite all these efforts, he will only go if I remind him. Frankly, I am kinda tired of remembering when he has to go. I have seen some tiny, gradual progress. He can now pull up and down his own pants so that's a step in the right direction.

Phase 4: Hoping peer pressure will kick in before he's 5yo
Everyone says, one day he will decide to go. Just wait.

Um, yeah. Somehow I doubt it. He does not care about a dirty diaper, despite the fact that we use cloth diapers and cloth trainers which hold wetness against the skin.

I'm reluctant to stop altogether, as has been suggested to me, because we can go whole days with only a couple "accidents" if we are home and I'm really paying attention. We are less than 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday now and baby 2 is on their way. So maybe, all this prep work will pay off and we will not have 2 in diapers.

I am thinking about going to training pants only and saving diapers for outings and overnights. I try and do this during the week, but if daddy or someone else is with him they don't remember to take him to the potty. I admit we've switched back and forth between the two which I've heard is a no-no.

Everyone learns to use the potty eventually, right? Right?!


  1. Yeah, he'll learn. :) I had been pretty intentional about teaching Evie to use the potty, and she was doing GREAT! But the problem is that I am lazy and didn't really follow through... And (I don't mean this to be a discouragement AT ALL) but pretty much every mom that I have talked to said that their LO's reverted when a new baby entered the scene... So I'm kinda thinking that if she's just going to revert anyway in a month and a half, I might just save myself the headache. ;)

  2. Oh the fun of potty training. My first was almost four! And my second is showing no signs of being ready and he is 2 1/2. I'm so tired of changing diapers. lol



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