Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Project of the Year

The pictures kinda speak for themselves, huh?

This is our "guest" room.
As you can tell we haven't had any overnight guests in awhile. When they were staying over more regularly the room was a bit tidier. Since then it turned into that room. You know, the place you throw your stuff when you don't have a place for it? On top of that, I keep all my sewing/crafting/yarny goodness in there.
Hot mess.

The plan is to make this a guest room/nursery.

Granted the babe will be sleeping with me for probably the first 6 months or so. All depends on how it goes. We started moving W into his own room about that age since he was such a light sleeper and too wiggly at night. But "flexibility" is my mantra this time around.
The plan is to maximize the sleep for all members of the family no matter the location.

In a few years, when the babe is ready for the BKB (big kid bed) I'll be setting up the bunk beds in W's room.
Regardless, I still need a home for all the baby paraphernalia.

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  1. Ugh!!!! seems like a big project. But I know you can do it!!!!If you need storage. I got these awesome cardboard boxes at ikea for kind of cheap in colors that you can label the fronts. I used them for my art supplies and stacked them. It really works well and looks pretty nice.


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