Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have none. The only reason I am up past 9pm tonight is because I crashed on the couch for a couple hours while I was supposed to be watching a movie with the hubs.

Anyone know of any good, natural sources for iron? I ordered some Floradix, but that stuff is crazy expensive. I'm going to try it for a month and see if it helps at all.

My blood sugar was borderline for "gestational diabetes" so no formal diagnosis this time. But my midwife told me to go low-carb and exercise and all that. Basically, do all the stuff I did with W minus the blood sugar tests 4x's a day. Sigh. I knew that was coming, but oh how I love the sweets. Time to break out the South Beach recipes for some inspiration. That will probably help with the energy thing too.

To update, I'm now 6.5 months pregnant. Everyone says I don't look it. They said that last time too. I was still getting the "is she/isn't she" looks well into the third trimester. Which is probably less annoying than being told how huge you are, but still annoying because you know strangers just assume you are fat. *insert eye roll*

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  1. I never had energy with this last pregnancy. I hope you get it back soon.



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