Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Again!

First off, my hubby rocks! He cleaned most of the house while I was gone. It looks great. I was getting really overwhelmed with the housework and I admit I had let things get pretty bad. Now if I can just take good care of myself so that I have enough energy to maintain things...

Oh and he also reorganized our attic. So I have the room to put up my yarn stash thus making room in the nursery/guest room for all the baby stuff. I am getting excited now that the end is in site! Less than 2 months left and we have tons going on in August. I can't wait to meet my new son or daughter!

Overall the trip was good. It was great to see Gram and I wish I had stayed with her the whole time and skipped the second half of the trip at the lake house. But W had a blast there and had lots of new experiences... his first s'mores, first ride on a jet ski (very slow of course), first ride in a tube, fun playing with his second cousins. Now I just hope he doesn't expect that level of entertainment at home! ;)

Much to do this week! Let the nesting begin.

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