Tuesday, August 11, 2009

i might be loosing it

or maybe it's just nesting?

I have been freaking out about misplacing some items. Then this morning W lost a piece to the brand new sorting toy that I got for him YESTERDAY. I looked all over the living room and that darn piece is no where to be found. He told me he put it in the washing machine, but I couldn't find it. Maybe he was just messing with me? Though he has been known to toss stuff in the wash when it's going. If it did make it into the wash it will be ruined. It's painted wood.

Here is the rest of my list:

*a stack of about 5 tie dye newborn t-shirts
*the twin sized duvet cover for W's bed
*pieces to another one of W's puzzles

Really. How does one loose a duvet cover???

I'm also in the midst of a major toy reorganization and destashing. We got lots of great new toys for W's birthday and it's time to weed out the old stuff. Of course I'd like to find all the pieces to everything before I post the stuff on Freecycle.

Blood sugar crashing and I desperately need to go grocery shopping... The insanity continues!


  1. Don't feel bad, I've lost too many items to even keep track of this point...some larger items were my nursing cover, two diaper pads, various articles of clothing, and oh so many toys. You won't have to deal with preggo brain for much longer...then it will just be sleep-deprived brain. :)

  2. Yeah, I had someone tell me the other day that I'll be really sleep deprived when the new baby comes because W will give up his daily nap. I wanted to say "NO SH!T? Never thought that was a possiblity." But instead I said something polite. haha I'm just keeping him napping as long as I possibly can. He can at least do "quiet time" for a bit IMO.


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