Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nursery Virtual Tour

I am so happy to have the nursery DONE! Big thanks to Dirkey for helping me get that last 10% finished this weekend. Baby will probably be in our room for awhile, but I still wanted to get all the stuff organized and ready since I know I will not be up to it later. The dressers in there were all refinished by me at one time or another. I guess I like those colors because the baby bedding matches perfectly. It also flows with the beachy theme I already had going in there. I left one bed in there so it could still function as a guest room. I couldn't find my camera so the "after" is a virtual tour. Ignore my corny voice over! :)

Before - Hot Mess:

After - Ahh!


  1. Yay!! I am so freaking excited for you-- can't wait for the newb to arrive so I can hear all the details!!

    Just curious-- are you going to close Non-Toxic Tots for a bit, or do you plan to stay open after the babe arrives?

  2. What a wonderful transformation! It is a beautiful and peaceful room. I can't think of a lovlier spot to place a babe; everything I could think of wanting is there. I think you will be glad to have left the bed- I had a futon in Thing One's room that was great for late night feedings so we could lay down. (I ended up sleeping in there with her quite a few nights, but what delicious memories!)
    And the blue dresser...gorgeous! You did that yourself?? I love it!

  3. lookin good! Not too much longer now until the resident moves into that cutie room!

    Sara from DJ

  4. Love the baby room. Would love to be closer so I could see the little one.

    Aunt Sue


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