Tuesday, August 25, 2009

shoppping and other randomness

Hey peeps. Just checkin in.

I'm trying to stay zen and not think about how much time I have left. My feelings on the matter alternate between, "Oh crap! I still have a lot to do." and "I am done being pregnant thank-you-very-much." That nesting energy has not come back and I am just tired. All the typical 3rd trimester complaints apply, but I was expecting them and have a much better attitude this time.

My darling boy has been really trying to torture me lately. Yesterday I think I cried about 4x's. Loosing it!

In other news I did some shopping. I bought a new pair of shoes for the fall with some Bday $$:

You all know how I love new shoes. I am a Birki's convert after this summer. I bought my first pair in the spring and have worn them about 6 days a week since.

I also snagged the diaper bag I had my eye on:

I searched out a coupon code and saved 10% + Free Shipping. Then I realized you can stack codes and used a referral code to save $10 if you add diapers to your order. So I got a $2 pack of pullups too. Sweet! They also sell the California Baby wash that we use on my sensitive skinned boy.

BTW, if you are a new customer at Diapers.com you can use my code "MAMAKNJ" to save $10 off your purchase of diapers. $49 min purchase, but that doesn't have to be all dipes. You just have to have some dipes in your order.

And picked up my favorite post-birth essential:

Earth Mama Angel Baby "New Mama Bottom Spray" Not glamorous but what can I say? I got a couple more of their Mama products to try out too. It's a safe bet. I've loved anything I've tried of theirs.

Anyway, this was a pretty random post. Hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the summer!


  1. Nice!! Love the bag-- baby gear is fun!

  2. That is so funny. I got their little diaper and wipe holder in the same print. I love it. (-: Its so convenient for my toddler. (-;

  3. I love the "New Mama Bottom Spray." Great name. I could have used some of that 17 months ago.


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