Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Boycott Fisher Price

It has just been announced that Mattel/Fisher Price, the company at the center of the recent lead toy recalls, have been given a pass out of the new 3rd party safety testing required by Congress. They are the whole reason this new legislation got started and now they are not required to participate?!?!

I definitely will NOT be purchasing any of their products in the future and urge you to do the same. I cannot believe that they even asked for an exemption. This law, which was intended to protect our children from toxic toys, has caused much stress and extra work for the smaller, cottage industries as they scramble to meet the new requirements. So in essence this law has "punished" those who have always been ethical and the big company who broke the public's trust by allowing lead laced toys to enter our homes gets a free pass.

Nature Moms Blog has a more in depth article with more of the facts.

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  1. Similar legistaltion on "Food Saftey" issues is being pushed through. The big producers, who have been the cause of recent food borne outbreaks already do what the law is requiring. However, small producers who may wash produce on picnic tables using water from garden hoses, will be in vilation of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GHP (Good Handeling Practices) rules. And some things which are part of a small farm such as allowing families on the farm (even young children who on my farm love to feed the chickens tomatoes) will be banned. And new requirements for things like buffer zones of a couple hundred feet will put may producers out of business.

    They passed the Toy bill and we let it happen out of fear for our children's saftey, and in the end our kids are not safer. Don't loose your small farms, farmers markets, home produced baked goods & jellies, and the local food movement in order protect oursleves from a minumal (at least from small farms) risk. Do your research and let your voice be heard.
    It already passed the house, now it is in the Senate...

  2. Thanks for the link love K... Mattel makes me furious!


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