Friday, September 18, 2009


It feels like fall around here. I was really hoping to enjoy a few more beach days this month, but I guess summer is over now. A very short summer at that.

I am enjoying having the windows open and am looking forward to some fall treats... pumpkin baked goods, caramel apples, hot spiced cider...mmmm!

We will be ordering some more wood to keep our woodstove going this winter. I love a cozy fire! Hopefully that will cut down on some heating costs as well. The woodstove is in the main part of the house and is quite efficient at heating up the living room and play room.

In baby news, nothing major is happening yet. The baby "dropped" 2 weeks ago and I'm having tons of "practice" contractions. All good things but nothing to predict the big day!

The well meaning, but annoying, phone calls are pouring in daily. If we make it into next week I will be seriously screening my calls. So feel free to call, but don't be offended if I don't pick up or call back right away.
Really, asking me if anything is going on DAILY does not make the baby come any faster and does not help me to be calm and patient either! Sheesh.
I finally said to my dad today, "You know it could be another 2 weeks yet! It's up to the baby when he/she wants to come out."

I'm considering skipping church Sunday just so I don't have to have the same conversations as I have had the past 2 weeks. "Have that baby yet?" "Um nope" "Any day now!" "Yeah, hope so." Everytime I go to the grocery store it's like open season for weirdos. They all come up and start a conversation with me. So many odd comments. You do begin to feel like a bit of a freak show. At least people have enough sense not to touch me. I might get ugly if that happened. :)


  1. breathe in and out, its going to be ok. :)
    and answer my call fool!

  2. I've been thinking and praying for you Mama! But I haven't called for this exact reason:) I'll be happy just knowing when the sweet thing arrives. I'll be in touch soon by email, though.

  3. Seriously, those phone calls are the worst. We had to unplug our phone towards the end LOL.

    And ppl in your area have more sense than ppl in mine; I had strangers who felt it perfectly acceptable to touch my belly. Grrr..


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