Saturday, September 5, 2009


* Battling Mommy Brain: 6 Strategies to Boost Brain Health - who couldn't use this one?

* Baking Shortcut: Make your own baking mixes - I have thought about this several times, but never actually put it in motion. I think this might have inspired me to give it a go. Baking from scratch is much cheaper and usually healthier but takes a bit more planning. I make pizza crust, bread and corn bread enough that it makes sense to do this ahead of time.

* Xagave Recipes - I love agave, a low-glycemic natural sweetener, and have been experimenting with using it in baking. So excited to find some proven recipes!

* Limeaid Recipe from Planet Smoothie mmmm

* Me and my Girl Quilt Tutorial - I have never made a quilt but I think I could swing this. It's made from colorful bandannas!

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