Thursday, September 3, 2009

Theatrical Threes

In talking to some more experienced mothers, apparently there is a little secret that no one shares. The "terrible 2's" are nothing compared to the 3's. I guess we use that label because 2 is when most of the drama gets started? IDK. But let me be the first to say it, "Two is just the warm up!" Here I was thinking we've survived the worst of it. Ha!

Now W has had his share of messes... squirting lotion or creams all over was/is a big favorite. As is unrolling the toilet paper all over the house. And lets not forget the time I left a permanent marker out. (Good one, mom.) Shaking his water bottle all over his room, books, etc has happened more than once. He's also gone through the "no's" as he's learning his boundaries.

Thank God he has stayed away from the food for the most part. I have heard stories of a dozen broken eggs or children thoroughly coated in vaseline... or worse of all, poo!

Now my darling boy is suddenly taken a turn towards the violent. All of his previous attempts at mischief were largely motivated by curiosity and having fun. Now his little temper is in full force and he is lacking the emotional maturity to act in appropriate ways. The highlight of last week was when he pushed the TV over because I told him he had watched enough Caillou. (This is after an HOUR of Caillou while I cleaned the house.) I'll spare you the rest lest you think my little guy is evil or something. He has always had strong emotions, even as a baby. But all of a sudden it's like I have a little teenager on my hands. The back talking and tears and screaming and THROWING stuff... oh my!

There are several thing going on that are not helping... all the change going on in the house as we get ready for the baby, daddy working LOTS more hours, me being too tired to give him all my attention, etc etc. I also realize that as he's gotten older I've gotten more lax on keeping him in a predictable routine. The weekends have been a crapshoot, naps are abandoned, grandparents coming and going. I think he does better when things are more structured. (Too bad for him I'm his mom. heh. Structure is not exactly my strong suit.) I'm guessing with the new baby I will probably want to get back into more of a routine.

For now, I am focusing on ME. Meaning my reaction to the misbehavior. I cannot fly off the handle and be an emotional basketcase all the time. I need to be the adult... why is that so hard? I have accepted that this is normal for this stage in his life and I am going to teach him how to behave more appropriately... and pray that some of it sticks!

Mothers of toddlers, you have been warned. Pace yourself. The antics of 2 will seem darn cute in comparison to this drama!

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