Friday, September 11, 2009


39 weeks!

Baby "dropped" a couple weeks ago and the head is engaged. I have the feeling that we are getting close.

Other than some non-essential sewing projects everything is pretty much ready.

W-man has been a bit easier on me this week. I've been making a real effort to take a walk with him each day or get him to the park to burn off some energy. He's all about practicing writing his letters and learning to read right now. So I'm taking advantage of it, abet in a completely unorganized fashion. I think I remember reading somewhere that this a natural age of "readiness" for reading for lots of kids. He's always been very verbal and ahead on the language skills so it makes sense. Once everything settles down after the baby is a few months old I'll get back on some more planned preschool learning stuff.

Thinking of doing a big chop... my hair that is. I always liked it either pretty short or really long. Loved the bangs but couldn't keep them trimmed enough to rock the look. I guess I better decide soon as my apt is in the morning. :)


  1. I soooo remember the last weeks of pregnancy. I can't believe its only been 8 months since that time in my final pregnancy. Hang in there!



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