Saturday, October 3, 2009

baby update and other randomness...

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Baby Dex is over 1 week old! I am SO in love. I always found it a little annoying to hear moms wax poetic about how they loved their babies, but here I am! A lot of things are different this time. I think a big change is that I am more relaxed and confident. I have much more realistic expectations for myself and for the little one. I wasn't sure I would ever have another baby and yet here he is... healthy and whole and beautiful!

(Can you believe that I never really was a "baby person" before I had kids. I mean, they don't DO anything, you know?)

Anyway, we've been to the pediatrician and took him to the hospital to get the newborn blood work and hearing screen done. I thought we'd get some comments due to the homebirth thing which is uncommon to begin with but VERY uncommon in our area. At the Drs they said this was the second baby recently that they've had that was born at home and they seemed completely cool about the whole thing. I did get the "He was born at home? On purpose?" :)
So no need to whip out my reasearch on the safety of homebirth... heh.


In other news, fall is upon us! I am really looking fwd to the fall festivities this year. It's time for apples and pumpkins and Halloween! I was looking to get the boys matching Halloween skeleton PJs, but everywhere online is sold out of the 4t size. I know W would get a kick out of the glow-in-the-dark aspect. Maybe I'll have to go to an actual store? hmm I think I want to skip the trick or treating this year and just stay home and hand out candy. I'm not keen on the gobs of junk. We did go last year, but I easily left the goods at pop-pops after giving W a couple chocolate minibars. Pretty sure I can't get away with that again!


I made this Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe yesterday! Quite yummy, but I made a complete mess. I don't know if it was because the mix was so hot but it blew the top off my blender a bit. I had my hand over it so it wasn't a complete disaster, but I did have to wipe pumpkin spice goodness off my counters. Oh and my coffee was not strong enough so I'll have to improve that next time.


  1. He is adorable.

    I wasn't really a baby person until my biological clock exploded, and then I didn't want anyone else's baby, only mine lol.

  2. He is just precious. I'm so glad your first week went well and that you are able to enjoy it all more this time around!

  3. h, oh, ohhhhhhhhh - baby Dex is adorable! Oh I want to kiss those cheeks and breathe in his baby smell :)



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