Wednesday, October 28, 2009

mommy brain

I have a really bad case. My head is pretty foggy. When I woke up this morning my power was out. So I spent the better part of the morning explaining to W why nothing in the house worked over and over. This morning was my church mom's group. I had intended to go but completely forgot that it's Wednesday. When my power came back on, I sat down to check my email and realized it was Wednesday and that I had missed group. I then forgot about it again. I called the leader of the group later in the day to ask her a completely unrelated question. She was all "Where where you?" I was like, "Oh this morning? I forgot." Of course the irony is that I completely forgot about the power being out which was the real reason I forgot about group. So I had a valid excuse, but instead sounded like a complete flake. I am still laughing about that one. Like I said, foggy.

This afternoon I started feeling a bit dizzy. Then I realized that all I had to drink all day was a cup of coffee. Dehydrated much? So NOT a good idea when you are nursing a baby a million times a day! I will be keeping my Klean Kanteen by my side from here on out.

BUT I have been working on the snacks thing. I made up a bunch of breakfast burritos (scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, whole wheat tortilla) and froze them for a quick meal. I stocked up on some granola and other snacks. I still want to make some muffins. Maybe tomorrow!
At least I haven't misplaced any of the children. :)
Well I should go get some shuteye while I have a chance... Peace out

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