Saturday, October 24, 2009

taking care of me

Being an AHM (that's At Home Mom) the majority of my life is spent meeting everyone else's needs, desires and even whims. Of course I love it most of the time. But I almost forgot how demanding it is to care for a newborn. I am literally nursing and burping and changing outfits (his and mine) and changing diapers and soothing around the clock. Lather rinse and repeat. And that doesn't include the tantrum taming, snack/meal prep, entertaining and other stuff that the older kiddo needs from me.

Seriously how do people do this with big families?

Anywho I am trying not to feel guilty about living on egg mcmuffins, coffee, Halloween candy and almonds. However, I am starting to feel (physically) pretty crappy. The sleep deprivation is kicking in and a steady diet of caffeine and sugar are not exactly helping to keep me balanced. The hubs has suggested that I go back to yoga, but that would actually require pumping and getting the little one on a bottle. (Sounds an awful lot like work to me.) I know one preemptive strike would be to stock up on some nutritious snacks.

I guess I am rambling a bit. I haven't been having too many coherent thoughts these days.

Anyone else have some suggestions? Or know of any easy snacky recipies I could try? :)


  1. Hang in there mamak. Granola bars are easy, craisins, making an easy trail mix on hand with nuts and stuff for protein. Plus little w man can help you make it put in favorite non sugary stuff plus nuts, raisins, craisins, dried bananas. All great for ya. I know sleep deprevation makes things harder to thinking about yourself. And also what may actually make you feel better. Hang in there. I know I will be in the same boat soon. (-:

  2. I was going to suggest some rice chex type mix, similar to a trail mix. Put together a big batch that you can store for a while. I also love to bake scones. It literally takes 10 minutes to mix everything and then bake for 15 min. A double batch would yield 16. I freeze most of them and take them out as I need them. I eat a lot of yogurt. I sometimes add a bit of granola and banana to it.


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