Tuesday, November 24, 2009

where did November go?

It feels like it was just Halloween! I can't believe Thanksgiving is this week and Christmas is just around the corner. I started doing some shopping. Just a few little bits and pieces for the boys so far. Yesterday I picked up these shirts for the boys at HappyFamily on Etsy. (I got W's 2nd Bday shirt there and loved it.) They give you a free tote when you buy two shirts so W picked out a robot one. I'm planning on filling it with some toys/books to keep in the car for longer trips. And I already found a Christmas themed Veggie Tales coloring book at the thrift store! sweet.
Thankfully the hubs has been putting some money away in our Christmas fund all year. Last year I tried to make handmade items for everyone on my list. No way that is happening again. The grandmoms LOVE when I make photo calendars so maybe I can do that at least. I usually do Shutterfly but might try a cheaper version this time.... That reminds me. I never did birth announcements for poor baby Dex! Better get on that, huh?
I got in some great GreenToys for the store. I showed them to W and asked him if he'd like one of them for Christmas. As much as I tried to sell the dump truck, he really wants the tea set. That boy loves his kitchen set! LOL
Big sale planned so be sure to "stop by" Non-Toxic Tots this weekend. ; )


  1. Love the tea set!

    Oh, and don't feel badly. Cana is almost five months old and I never sent out birth announcements. Oops.

  2. I can't believe it'll be Christmas before we know it! And that my baby is turning 1 this month! Times flies. I bet you know that ;)


  3. Cute T's. I LOVE Etsy. I got Reese the cutest hair barrets the other day. Love your tea set too...will have to check out your store.


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