Thursday, December 10, 2009

she's crafty

Hey, but you already know that. I always hoped I'd have a kid who liked artsy fartsy stuff too. W so far is more interested in turning art supplies into projectiles. He does like to help cook/bake so I can't complain. So we recently did two crafts that were close enough to food that he was into it.

First we made cinnamon/applesauce ornaments. It's sooo easy. Basically take equal parts cinnamon (get the cheap kind from the dollar store) and applesauce. Mix well to make a dough. Roll out between two pieces of waxed paper to about 1/8" and cut out with cookie cutters. I used a straw to punch out holes at the top. W liked this part because the dough got stuck in the straw... hello projectile! So that's when I lost him and he started trying to make cinnamon spit balls. Then you let them dry at a low low oven temp or just air dry and turn them a few times. I'm not posting pics as they are gifts this year. My house smells delightfully of cinnamon everytime you walk in the front door. mmmm
Then today we made cheater gingerbread houses. I constructed the houses out of graham crackers and hot sugar syrup. I was going to use hot glue but it just peeled off the crackers. The sugar method is a bit dangerous but it really worked well.

You melt a bunch of white sugar in a small skillet until it turns liquid. Dip the edges of the cracker in the syrup and carefully stick them together. They cool almost instantly. But it is HOT. Yes I got a couple minor burns in the process.

Me: OUCH!!
W: What happened?
Me: I just burned my finger.
W: Remember what God says.
Me: What's that?
W: You always need to be careful.


Oh yeah, back to the project. I made royal icing and we used that to glue on various candies and some animal crackers. W had SO much fun. He was way into it. We actually had some extra houses so he decorated 3 of them and wanted to do more! Unfortunately I broke his last one but we both laughed it off. I think this will definitely be a new family tradition!

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  1. I love the candy houses. They look awesome. That is the funniest thing that Wes said. So cute!


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