Saturday, January 2, 2010


First off HAPPY NEW YEAR to my 10's of readers. :)

I have been thinking a lot about this blog and my priorities in general. I still love writing, crafts and photography, but this blog has taken a back burner.

I started this blog about 4 years ago. It was a fun way to share my teaching adventures. Then I transitioned to SAHM and WHAM and this blog became a way to document these precious early years with my kiddo(s) and share them with family and friends. Now with Facebook I can share pictures with family and connect with friends. With Ravelry I can record my projects and chat with other fiber addicts.

I feel like it's time to keep the kid stuff a little more private than a public blog. Then I had to decide if I wanted to keep blogging about other topics.

The conclusion I came to? I just don't have time. And there are already so many amazing bloggers out there who cover green, thrifty and simple living topics. I will still be reading and commenting when I can, but I really need to focus on my home life and my business right now.

SO, if you would like to keep up with what the boys and I are doing email me for the password. I'll be going password protected in a couple weeks. Turns out Blogger has no password protect thing so I'm going to start a new blog and you'll need an email invite. :)

Maybe someday when I'm more organized and have gotten down a better routine to my life, I'll start the public blogging again. It is fun and I have met some great "friends in my head" over these years. This is a bittersweet decision. And I do hope that my friends/family will still keep checking in and commenting.


  1. Count me in please - I am like you, I rarely post these days, but I do like to read everyone's posts every now and then even if I dont comment much!

  2. I'd like your new blog address. You have my email and everything...

  3. Sounds like a good's hard enough to get through each day with two kiddos. I've always enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. Email me an invite, I love reading your updates :o)

  5. ((hugs)) I totally understand! After taking a break, it has been hard to come back. I know that you are making the right choice for your family though. I hope I will still see you lots of you in comment land :) xo

  6. I find blogging more and more difficult - although for me it is lack of content. My kids are cute but come on - how many photos can even the grandmas look at? It was much more interesting to read when I had adoption drama and pregnancy drama to write about. But I keep doing it because of how often I go back to look and see when one of the girls started doing something or how I made a soup. It is a resource for me and my well as a way to keep in touch with the few people who still visit. But I completely understand you shutting down - I think about it often!

  7. Count me in too, I'd love to be able to keep up with you.


Thanks so much for taking the time to say hello! I appreciate hearing from my tens of readers more than you know. :)