Thursday, March 25, 2010


What a boring topic?
Well laundry seems to be the main chore I can't stay on top of. Washing is no problem, but the folding and putting away is my least favorite.

This was my old "system"

washer > dryer or hang on clothes line > back in laundry basket to get good and wrinkled > throw on my bed to fold > push all clean laundry back in basket before bed > back on the bed to actually get folded this time > DS1 comes in and jumps on the bed and unfolds the laundry > refold and repremand kiddo > put away if I'm folding or put on top of my dresser if DH is folding

Really efficient, right?

Yes, we use cloth diapers, napkins and (un)paper towels. But that only accounts for maybe 3 loads a week. Clothing seems to be the biggest problem.

A came to a few conclusions this week...
I hold on to things way longer than I should. Most stuff doesn't fit, is stained, has holes, etc.
My a** does not look hot in shorts. Why do I hold on to them? Skirts are cuter, more comfy and just as cool in the summer. (And there are capris or crop pants for non-skirt occasions.)
I love hand-me-downs for the boys, but should probably be more selective about what I keep.
I only really love a few items and those are the ones I wear over and over. I only wear all the excess stuff to avoid doing more laundry, which ironically makes more laundry.

With these mantra's in mind I did a full wardrobe purge and reorganized my closet and dresser.
"A place for everything and everything in it's place."
"If it's not blessing you, let it bless someone else."

I even put notecard labels inside my drawers so I could remember what goes where.
Lame? Yes. But effective. And now the hubs can put away my clothes too.

My biggest revelation is to fold as little as possible. I now hang up all my tops, t-shirts, skirts, dress pants and cardis. For example a T goes from the washer to a hanger to dry. Then right in the closet on the same hanger. That saves a lot of steps and also makes it easier to see what all I have to wear. I think I need to purge DS1 and Papa K's wardrobes next...

Anyone else have any laundry tips to share???


  1. Unfortunately I have no tips. I'm terrible about keeping Lovey Girls drawers organized. I had actually gottent lot of clothes from my best friend and I didn't even remember that I had them and miss the opportunity to wear them.

  2. Yeah, I've done that. I try to pre-organize the hand-me-downs by size now. Though now that W isn't a baby I don't get many anymore.

  3. I just did that same purge, and hung every pair of pants in an under-used closet, but never thought to do the t-shirts which, like you, I hang on hangers to dry. You are brilliant! I may not have any advice to pass to you, but I thank you for passing your idea to me.


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