Saturday, March 27, 2010

My FIL *hearts* Mayo

My father-in-law is a funny guy. He can be super entertaining. He adores his grandkids, though he sometimes sneaks DS too many treats. He is a traditional Irish/Italian food-is-love kinda guy.
Among his many eccentricities, he is obsessed with condiments. Namely mayonnaise. I have seen him put mayo on steak, veggies, really just about anything savory. There is a squeeze bottle of mayo at every meal. While this is not exactly behavior I'd promote, it is funny. It's one of those quirks I'm sure his grandkids will be talking about long into the future.

So when I got an email about the MomSelect Hellmann's promo I had to enter. The grand prize includes a 6 month supply of mayo which (should I win) will be gifted to, you guessed it, my dear father in law. While we don't always see eye-to-eye, he is a good guy and a great Pop-Pop... and he loves him some mayonnaise.

I'm supposed to tell you about the Hellmann's Real Food Project...

Hellmann's has teamed up with celebrity chef Bobby Flay (who I know and love from the Food Network) to bring you recipes, videos and prizes. (Why HELLO there, Deluxe Artichoke Dip!) There are even coupons for my fellow couponizers. So check it out. :)

Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Hellmann's® prize package in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place. All opinions expressed are my own.

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