Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wheatgrass Project

I am stealing this pic from this Martha Stewart Living project:

I think this wheatgrass thing looks neat and I wanted to give it a go for spring.

I googled around for some directions and I liked the idea of presoaking the seeds mentioned here. I also found the idea to use this real grass for Easter baskets here! Sounds messy, but really cool. (I am not a fan of the one-time-use plastic grass that gets all over your house.)

We decided on small glasses instead of a big tray because...

1) They're clear so we can see the roots growing. (We are currently learning about plants and seeds.)

2) They will fit on a tray I have for the centerpiece with some room to put our dyed eggs and whatever else I think looks good.

They got planted yesterday and are supposed to be nice and plush in 1-2 weeks. Just in time for Easter! (I hope.)

Shout Out to Beth, owner of DiaperCuts - A fabric store specializing in cloth diaper fabrics and other notions. She's a long-time i-friend and was nice enough to send me some (a tons) of seeds for this projects out of the goodness of her heart.

ETA: 1 week was not enough time. The grass was sprouted, but wimpy so it didn't make Easter dinner.

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