Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dinos at Sunset

Maybe it's that Papa K hasn't been around as much lately (due to his job) but sometimes I get a little carried away with dinner prep. I admit I have fallen back on freezer chicken nuggets for W-man occasionally while just snacking myself.
I couldn't control the katchup coming out of the squeeze bottle all that well so it's a little odd. The rest was cute though. He ate everything on the plate except the few lettuce leafs. And he even asked for extra edamame. :)


  1. What a FUN idea! And so creative...but I already knew that about you:)

  2. Thanks. I couldn't just toss those dino nuggets on a plate! They were screaming for some more action than that.

  3. That is very cool! I wish I could get my little man to eat his veggies right now. After he started getting his molars he has quit on the veggies and now he just gets them in his v8 juice.

  4. how cute is that! I may have to steal that idea...oh wait my kid wont eat vegetables....


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