Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frugal Fail: Home Haircuts

I am always endevoring to save more money. Sometimes out of a general conviction to be a "good steward" of what I've been given. Sometimes it's out of sheer necessity.

Sometimes my frugal efforts are a big fat failure.

My first attempts at trimming W-man's bangs were pretty rough, but I have gotten better. Well I got seriously brave last week after seeing his sweaty mop top at the playground.
I pulled out the clippers and.... you can see where this is going.
Now I have seen this boy sit very still and patient for a hairdresser. For me? He wiggled and ducked like the best dodge ball player. I'm apparently not very good at hair to start with. When dealing with a moving target I was destined for failure. The kiss of death was when I pulled out the angled piece (guard?) that is supposed to help with the fade from top to bottom. Well his hair is so fair it seriously looked like a bald spot around the ears.... I was ready to accept defeat and simply buzz him. (I have done that for the hubs before.) But as I started in the back I realized he was going to look close to completely bald since his hair and skin are super fair. Ugh. So I left the top long. I was able to at least even out the uneven edges the next day w/ some scissors... somewhat.

IMO, It looks like a cross between a jarhead/cletus the redneck. Thankfully he's three and just said with a laugh, "My hair looks funny!" :)

A nice hairdresser friend has offered to fix it up. We go and see her today.
I honestly prefer his hair longer and more "surfer dude" but I haven't yet figured out how to keep it that way without having it look like a complete bed hed all the time.

Anyone else have any frugal failures? I know someone out there has to have a home perm story... :)


  1. oooh. yeah, I wanted to try the clipper thing at home but my husband refused to let me (smart guy). We just go to the local barber who does it really cheap and quick. Good try though!

  2. So glad I'm not the only one! I just trimmed my hair and ended up with a mullet! I goit it all cut off. Will take a year to regain all that growth!


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