Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I have been saying for awhile that I need a little girl in my life to craft for because there was a real lack of inspiration for boys' projects. Well the tides have turned, my friends, and I have been finding BOY ideas left and right. I am loving it. Many even use old materials to create something new, aka UPcycling. :)

Here's the links....

* Cheri has so many great projects, but the Robot Rex T is top of my list. She also teaches you about bleach pen painting, using embroidery floss and freezer paper stencils. Embellishing is a great way to cover up stains! Just sayin. (These projects seem super easy even for the non-crafty among us.)

* On made I found how to upcycle old adult clothes into a sweater vest or even a cute lap t. Makes me want a serger even more! (These projects are a bit more advanced as you need some decent sewing machine skills.) But there are also tips on non-sewing techniques such as fabric dying.

* Prudent Baby does tend towards girl projects, but there are some boy ones too. I love this tute for a hooded towel. I will be cutting up some old towels to make a beach-worthy creation!

* Course I already posted about the bandanna beach/Bermuda pants.

ETA one more! Card table play (army) tent... love it.

I'm now on the look out for cheap, plain boys T's. I am also contemplating snap pliers and a serger... Lord help me! :)


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