Thursday, May 6, 2010

I *heart* books

I might have a bit of a book addiction. I can always seem to justify a book purchase. It used to be on Amazon, but now it's at the thrift store.

I just can't resist a new (to me) book. W-man has a steady rotation of books in his room (of which I recently posted a picture).

Confession: I used to collect children's books long before I ever had kids. But I don't exactly know where they all are. So every so often I find a box of kids books in my garage or attic.

Oh and cookbooks. Don't even get me started there. Christmas books are another weakness. (Next year I will definitely have enough for a 25 day book advent.)

I'm also our local LLL's librarian. The other moms give me old books and I list them on Paperback Swap: - Book Club to Swap, Trade & Exchange Books for Free.

There I can trade them in for books we can use in our library. I also trade my own old books to get new books. I have gotten some great books and saved a lot of money using this service. You pay to ship books requested from you, but pay nothing to the ones sent to you. Usually it costs about $2-$3 to mail a book using media mail. (It's a bit less for lighter paperbacks.) Anyway, I think this is a great program, saves money, saves your house some clutter, and gets used books in the hands of those who really want them.

Disclaimer: I get credit if you join using my referral link by clicking the banner or telling them mamaknj@ msn. com sent you. Paperback Swap did not solicit this post. I was just listing some new books this week and thought it was time again to share my love of PBS! :)

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