Tuesday, June 8, 2010

the set-your-place mat

my apologies for the crappy picture!
I cannot claim the original idea for this, but I forget where in blogland I first saw this project.

It's cheap and simple and so very practical. The first one I made was with a plain vinyl place mat and a black Sharpie. Worked great but somehow it got misplaced.

(How does one loose a place mat?)

I couldn't find another vinyl mat so here's a version with a fabric-ish mat and fabric markers. The mat cost a dollar. So I don't feel too bad that it is deteriorating. I guess will continue my search for another vinyl mat. Not only does this help the little guy set his own place BUT I can remind him to put his cup "where it belongs" so he doesn't spill it.

Not that you need directions, but here is how you make one:

Lay out your items

Double check the placement so everything is where you want it (which I didn't do. ahem.)

Trace with a pencil

Color over the pencil lines with your marker of choice (I free handed the fork tines a little)

Heat set your marker if you use a fabric marker. If you use Sharpie you are done. Enjoy!

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