Monday, July 19, 2010

Party Time!

Hello internets. I did something very klutzy last week and sprained my foot/ankle. I've been making use of my hours on the couch watch the entire season of Pushing Daisies. (Why did it get cancelled? It's so much more original and interesting than so many other shows.)

I've also been doing some party planning! Oh how I love a good theme party. Before mommyhood I had visions of Martha-esque kid's parties complete with technicolor cakes and pinatas full of trinkets. Now I know the dangers of food dye and the true cost of cheap plastic toys. It kinda makes me a party pooper sometimes. I am determined to overcome this and get a little creative if needed.

Party 1: DS#1's Fourth Bday Party!
Theme: Electricity/Robots
We are just doing a small family shin-dig at my in laws, but I still wanted to make it special for him. The boy is completely obsessed with all things electrical. However, light bulbs aren't exactly a popular party theme. He (and I) like robot motifs as well so I'm going to make it an electric/robot theme. had some great robot choices. Will have to shop around for plates and such. (Any ideas?) I think it would be funny to come up with some silly names for the foods. I will be freezer paper stenciling him a 4 shirt.

Lightbulb Cake, Lightbulb Cupcakes

Party 2: Baby's First Birthday (aka "How is my little baby turning one already?")
Theme: Manly/Mustache
I call him little-old-man-face and little-dude and little-man due to his serious, yet sweet, demeanor. I love all the mustache stuff I've been seeing around the blogs and lookie! Evite even has a Manly Mustache invite. I don't want to give away all my plans, but chocolate mustaches? How can I not make those? I'd like to do a bigger party since it is his first, but will have to crunch some numbers and see what I come up with.
Inspiration: The Mr. Man Party, Bronson's Manly Bash, Fenn's Little Man Party

I also am in the midst of a bigger production still, a baby shower for a certain BFF. However I shall keep all those plans under wraps for now.

I love this crap! teehee If only I had unlimited funds for this area of my life.


  1. I just LOVE the Mr. Man party ideas, especially the ones with the "ties". Very sweet. Oh, and I think a cool way to make a lightbulb cake (especially for a 4YO) would be to make a bunch of cupcakes and arrange them in the shape of a lightbulb. Just a thought. I saw your ideas for that certain special baby shower and will be in touch this week;-)

  2. Duh. Why did I not think of that? I think that would be perfect and way easier than sculping a sheet cake into a lightbulb shape.

  3. Thanks for the lightbulb cake idea. I will be sure to credit you.


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