Thursday, August 12, 2010

A fond farewell to 3!

Can I just say, I have no idea why 2 year olds get labeled "terrible 2's." Sure they are curious and start getting into trouble. Maybe it's because that's when tantrums start for some kids? (For my short tempered kids the tantrums start before one, but anyway...) I'm sorry my friends, THREE is the true terrible age. I have often thought that maybe I'm dealing with something a little "extra" with my guy, but only time will tell on that front. However, most mom's of 3's seem to agree. This is a very challenging age. They are trying so hard to assert their independence that they practically push us over the edge. Yes, I know that four will come with it's own unique challenges. I know enough to know that it's pretty naive to say the worst is behind you.

It's not all terrible though. Three has also been filled with some lingering baby snuggles and some hilarious commentary on life. My son's imaginary friends have been most colorful!
Sure I'm always a little sad to see another milestone distancing us from our first baby. The challenges of this age have really been a catalyst for my own personal growth. I am learning to be more patient, more self-less and humble. (Seeing your child yell at you exactly the way you've have yelled at them is pretty humbling.) I have had to re-evaluate what works and what doesn't work in our family. I daily seek God and ask him for the strength to do a good job.

Still, I say FAREWELL to three with a smile on my face. Happy 4th Birthday, baby boy!


  1. I'm really enjoying your blog. My name is Lenore and I have a three year old boy. Wooee! You are so right, Three was harder than two with my daugter as well. go figure.

  2. yes, as the mother of a 3-yr-old and a 2-yr-old, i can definitely agree that 3 is much worse. it's not just curious, learning trouble, it's outright, rude DEFIANCE. they should KNOW BETTER which makes it seem a ton worse. very aggravating. i'm right there with you ;)


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