Monday, October 11, 2010

mmm fall

I'm loving the cooler weather.  It gets my knitting mojo going.  Babies are good knitting inspiration too.  I finally finished and gifted these green scrappy pants I've been working on.  I love the way they came out!  Yes, they are a bit funky but that's my thing.  They won't fit for a few months so I had to make him a pumpkin hat too.  The hat will (hopefully) fit him now. 

D needs a hat too. I orignally bookmarked the pumpkin hat for him, but I decided to do something that will be appropriate through the winter.  So I used the last of my bday money to buy this pattern:

I haven't completed a project with cables so this should be interesting!  I hope there is minimal swearing involved.  Am waffling on a yarn to choose.  I have some grey 100PureWool (super soft!) that might win out.


  1. Oh my gosh those pants and the hat turned out SO GREAT! Love em!

  2. Ha! I saw that pattern for the pumpkin hat and wanted to forward it to you, but I couldn't figure it out. Too funny. Oh, and I love how the scrappy pants turned out. I think they are one of my faves you've done!

  3. Great pants, and LOVE the pumpkin hat! (I want one of those...)
    Cables aren't hard, but they can be a bit fiddly. Check out the videos on you tube, I think it's very helpful to SEE where needles and hands need to be.
    I learned to cable without a needle last week, and NEVER could have figured it out without seeing it, and I tend to look for written instructions for everything.
    Lovely hat pattern- I love the coverage over the ears. My kids are big enough that they only wear beanie-style hats, and I hate that their ears are never covered. (yet they never seem cold, unlike me.)
    Can't wait to see the finished hat!

  4. You love the cooler weather?? No! You are my beach bloggy friend - you must stand by me with your hand on your hips and a grimace on your face and say NO TO FALL AND WINTER! I had to get dressed in the DARK this morning! Boo! Okay rant over.

    That hat is too cute - cables are a snap, you'll get the hang of it - any trouble shoot me an email!

  5. I will miss the beach time dearly so I must distract myself with yarn... and pumpkin flavored treats. :)


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