Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post-Christmas Post

Christmas was great.  It was fun to see the kids actually enjoying and understanding a little more this year. 

Lookie here!

We were blessed with "just enough" this year.  Not too much to be overwhelming, but enough that I feel very blessed.  I also felt like we did "just enough" visiting.  Enough to enjoy it, but not too much to feel so hurried.  We are finally finding our stride.

Handprints and Poem for Dada

Enjoying the New Train Set

We got hit with a blizzard and about two feet of snow the day after Christmas.  Even though I'm a beach bum, I totally love snow.  Of course if we got more than one or two good storms a year the novelty would probably wear off. :)
Blizzard '10

I am working on getting things back to normal this week.  The house is thoroughly trashed.  There are toys EVERYWHERE.  And the kids are getting cabin fever which translates into mass destruction.  (Yesterday they got into baby powder amongst other things. Gah!)   

The tree and decorations will stay up a bit longer. I toyed with the idea of leaving them up until three kings day, but they usually come down New Years Day. We'll see how I feel this weekend.

Ok back to the cleaning thing...

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