Saturday, January 22, 2011

shopping linky love

I love on-line shopping.  Especially if it's a great deal!
I usually don't have any problems but at Christmas there were a few mess ups (coughJCPennycough).  Anyway, it isn't enough to keep me away.

There are some really fun sites I like to check that offer baby and kid's items at about half-off.  I am not affilated with these guys.  Just thought I'd share.

Then there are similar sites that you have to sign up to view.  I'm guessing this has to do with the companies not wanting their products advertised at such low prices.  I have signed up for a couple, but the only one I have purchased from and actually check frequently is Lil Luxe.  Here is my referal link:

They have some good deals on cute, name brand stuff. Right now they have squeaky shoes, puzzles, some seriously cute hampers, clothing and more.  I have ordered from them once and would order again if the right item came up.  Oh and if you "like" their Facebook page there are coupon codes they run for more savings. 

Happy Shopping! :)

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