Friday, February 18, 2011


I belong to this on-line support group of sorts.  It's for mamas who have have suffered a pregnancy loss at some point. 
It sucks to belong to such a "club," but I found a lot of support and help there when I needed it the most. 

Long story short, there was some collaboration and the result is a charity sale of some really gorgeous yarn.  I wanted to help get the word out. 

Here's the link explaining the inspiration behind this:

And if you feel like supporting this cause with a yarn purchase, here's the link for that:

To me, the colors do represent how I feel about what I went though. Deep emotions of sorrow and loss with little bright flecks of hope and healing. I guess that is what a good artist does, takes the intangible and makes it into something tangible. 
In life there are lots of struggles and pain, but there is hope and joy and peace... sunshine after the rain.  Anyone can relate to that. 

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