Tuesday, February 1, 2011

just like cats

I remember reading advice on how to keep indoor cats from getting bored and destroying stuff.  (Yes, this was before I had kids and actually cared to read articles about pet care.)  They said to get a bunch of empty boxes and rearrange them every few days. I guess to stimulate the cats or something?  This useless info popped into my head today.

This week my boys have been straight up crazy.  BOUNCING into the walls. 
Climbing, jumping, spinning, throwing with all the BOY energy they have.
We have a mini trampoline so this afternoon the 4 year old hurled himself from couch to trampoline to chair and back for a good 10 minutes.
The 1 year old also flushed his toothbrush down the toilet while I was on the phone.
But that's another story.

Breakfast on the floor, honey on the floor, cat food in the cat water, etc etc

A simple solution would be to get them out of the house.  However, they've been sick and the weather has been bad.  We are attempting a family vacation next week so I just want everyone to get healthy gosh-darn-it.  We've been PBS-ing it and Netflixing even, but there is only so much screen time one can justify.  We've been cooking and doing our housework, but the days are just so long.

So while we were watching the washing machine fill up and agitate.  (Yes really.)  I remembered the cats.  And laughed. 
Little children are not unlike animals in that they need to be stimulated or they will start getting nutty. 

I then thought about how puppies that are left unattended will start chewing the legs of your furniture and eat your shoes and destroy all your stuff.  The baby doesn't eat shoes, but he will chew the wheels off of toy cars.  I digress...

Do I have a point?  Not so much.
Yes I realize that my precious little ones are not animals.  I really do enjoy them (most of the time). We have so much fun together.
But I am darn glad we don't have more pets. 

And we really really need to get out of the house...

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  1. Oh do I hear you there! We just can't seem to get healthy and I do fear every time I take them out of the house that we are re-exposing them to more sickness. Can't wait for warmer days again!!!


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