Thursday, February 24, 2011

my boys

It goes without saying, I love my boys more than life itself. 

But sometimes I just can't. keep. up.

So much has gone down this morning.  Nothing overly naughty.  They just have so much energy.  They are constantly experimenting and pushing the boundaries of everything... including laws of gravity.  Their curiosity is relentless.

The final straw was the baby grabbing a half-full mug off coffee and dumping it into the full washing machine. Well, at least the clothes were already dirty. 
Can't say as much about the wall, floor and rug that also got doused.  (Seriously, how does 2oz of liquid make it to so many locations?)  *sigh*

This event prompted me to sit down and write this and center myself a bit. 

Sometimes I think, it's just 'cause they are boys.  And there is no denying that amongst the preschool set, boys and girls generally have a very different "energy" going on.  (I have four brothers.  I know of what I speak.) 

But really it's just that they are intelligent preschoolers who need to DO.  And it's winter.  And I am ready for winter to be over.  Oh and I could really do with a nap... and a massage... and while we are dreaming, let's throw in a maid and the Clean House team. 

I suppose a fresh cup of coffee and a handful of chocolate chips will have to do for now...


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  1. Awwww....hang in there. One day things will get easier. hahaha


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