Monday, February 14, 2011

Vaca Numbers

8 action packed days - 2 spent traveling

5 hours in flight round trip = 2 bags of goldfish crackers, numerous snack bars, a bag of gummy bears, two packs of gum, too many Yummy Earth lollys to keep track, and a generous sprinkling of "stop kicking that man's seat!"

3-1/2 days of glorious SUNSHINE!

8 playgrounds visited

1 really cool park (Highlands Hammock State Park)
-> 2 trails traveled
-> 1 alligator sighting

1 strawberry farm

1 wildlife rescue

1 children's please touch museum

3 thrift stores

1 amazing used book store... no really it was amazing

3 books purchased at said book store  (including a knitting book from 1942!!)

6 sleepless nights + 1 where we slept = 2 tired parents

1 Baby Surprise Jacket (mostly) completed

0 pictures to show you because I left my camera there...
(I will get it back eventually, but will likely be a bit anxious until its safe return.)

many happy memories... we are counting it a success!

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