Monday, May 16, 2011

The Frugal Life

No doubt about it, times are hard. It is harder for some than it is for others.
It seems like most young families I know are really feeling the pinch.
We are no exception.  While we have tried to live frugally and budget our resources carefully, the facts are that our income has decreased while our living expenses have gone up dramatically.  Some of this is the result of our choices, namely to start a family.  Most of it has been a direct result of our national economy.

Needless to say, I have been thinking about finances a lot lately. Susie Orman had a presentation on PBS the other week that I really got sucked into. I want to read her new book now.

I recently pulled out The Complete Tightwad Gazette from my shelf again. I have had it forever. My mom actually had a copy of the original book when I was growing up. While some of the ideas are dated and a little quirky, the message is good.  I am seeing it with new perspective now.  Having a mindset of frugality is the way to go. Instead of focusing on all you don't have, you are focusing on what to do with the resources you do have.  I can't possibly touch on all that is in there, so I will just recommend that you skim through a copy.

I have a few frugal living blogs and sites that often provide inspiration too.
Simple Mom
Living Rich With Coupons
Keeper of The Home

I don't have much hope that the economy will improve dramatically while I still have little ones at home.  So we will have to do the best we can focus on what is really important.  Anyone have any other resources to share?


  1. I totally hear you on that *hugs*. I have huge issues with Suze Orman though. I find her advice to be unwise, at best. Plus, she is paid by credit card companies to give certain advice that emphasizes certain aspects of the credit score.

    Have you checked out Dave Ramsey? His Total Money Makeover is life changing. And his advice is sound.

  2. I have read some Dave Ramsey stuff, but it was a long time ago. I thought it was all pretty common sense at the time. Perhaps I should look him up again!
    I did like that Suze pretty much said that her old advice no longer applies in the current economy. I was not aware of the other issues you mentioned. Thanks!


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