Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day

Oh Mother's Day. 

My existence has been eternally altered.

First by this guy:

Then by this guy:
My heart has grown a million times bigger to hold all the love that resides there.  I never knew my tolerance for dealing with human excrement could be so high.  Or that I could survive, and (almost) function on so little sleep.  I didn't realize how hard it would be to be on-on-on 24/7... sharing my body, my food, my time, my stuff, pretty much everything.  Being a mom has been the hardest, most selfless thing I've had to face.  Not gonna lie, I have had some really terrible days (and nights) thus far. I have been disappointed, doubted myself and wondered what I got myself into.
Then you get to see a glimpse of all your hard work paying off. A child spontaneously says please and thank you.  Or a little one comes up to comfort me when I stub my toe.  Or I catch a drive-by hug or "I love you, Mommy."  Or I witness my boys showing each other some small gesture of kindness.
And I think, "Wow, I am really doing this, raising a decent human being.  They see all the love and grace I try to show.  They are going to contribute something positive to this world." 

I really liked this post on Mother's Day my friend linked up on FB, Mother's Day - Reality vs Idealism.  Especially these lines:
Mother’s Day isn’t about me.  It’s about the calling God has placed on my life when He blessed me with children.  It’s about my love for Him.  It’s about my service for Him.  It’s about my mission.
I completely agree. 
It's about service.  It's about giving when even only God sees.
It is about relationships.  It is about loving people who aren't 100% "lovable" all the time.
It is about humility.  It's realizing that I am far from perfect or easy to live with myself. 
It is about contentment.  After all, I chose this life.  I have to embrace it.  When I do, it gets easier to enjoy.  Then I can start to see the big picture.

And mostly, I think it is about unconditional love...  God is giving me just a little bit of insight into what that really means.


  1. Hey lookey lookey I ready it and commented.. totally agree :)

  2. Well are an amazing Mother and someone I continue to look up to. Happy Mother's Day, K!


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