Monday, August 29, 2011

Challenge: Maximize Your Mornings

"For those of us who are mothers, the fundamental idea is to stop waking up TO our children and start waking up FOR them"

I'm signing up for this 3-month challenge.  I'm participating via Facebook and my check-in time is 6:00am.  I've been getting up around 6:30-7:00 when the littlest one wakes me up so hopefully this is not completely unattainable.

This SO-NOT-A-MORNING-PERSON mama needs all the help she can get!  I can sometimes manage to get up before the kids and get my day off to a good start.  It always sets us up for a better, more peaceful day.  I just can't seem to do that consistantly or for more than a short season.  Self-discipline is not one of my strengths but hopefully this will make my morning routine more of a life-long habit.

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  1. I don't like getting up early either! I will say one thing that has helped us is that I have this GoodNiteLite sun/moon night light for our two-and-a-half year old.

    The "sun" comes on at a time we set, and he knows that we don't come get him until it comes on (though, sometimes, one of us will run up there and let him go potty then put him back in bed!). It's helped so much because instead of his "waking" times being unpredictable, I know that I have until 7:30.

    We got the clock for our now 5.5 year old because when we had our second he was waking up sometimes before 5 and it was driving us crazy! The clock helped a ton. We aren't using it for him right now, but once the boys are in the same room again, we'll use it for both.

    I'm not affiliated with the product, at all! We have just found it helpful! But, my plan for the school year is to at least shower before his sun comes on (we are homeschooling) and it's helpful to have a time I can (mostly) count on. It's not as big a deal if our older son gets up earlier because he'll play and entertain himself quite a bit better.


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